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Competition Timeline


11th July 2021

Deadline for entry. 

Approval to our Facebook group.

Please check for information in our facebook group.

Send in the preliminary round video to ‘Ori 'Ori-lympic.


15th July 2021

Announcement for the finalists.

17 & 18th July 2021

Test-run session. 

We will go live with finalists and make sure they can join the final round live-dancing without any problems. We will troubleshoot it on this day. On this day finalists will not dance. Finalists will get to test their music. It is optional for finalists to join the test-run session. 

19th July 2021

Announcement for the final round schedule.


24th & 25th July 2021

Final round. (Exact date and time will announce based on finalists' time zone and test run results one week prior.)

Finalists will dance live. 

8th August 2021

Final round live stream. Send the prize money through PayPal. 

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