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Dance Lights Our Way!

We are all affected by Covid-19, but that’s not all we have in common - we also won’t let it stop our love for dancing! Together, us dancers from around the world, have the power to light the world by participating in the ‘Ori ‘Ori-lympic.

What is ‘Ori ‘Ori-lympic?

The ‘Ori ‘Ori-lympic 2020 is a platform for all dancers around the world to connect with each other, while giving it back to the dance community and those who are affected by Covid-19. We understand the financial struggles that we all may share through the unfortunate circumstances brought by the Covid-19. Therefore, through pioneering hybrid recorded video / live-dancing championship, we are offering a large cash prize to our talented winners!

Spread the news! Share this event! Encourage your friends, families, and students to participate. We welcome all levels of dancers to join this event! All participants are eligible to attend workshops that are offered by our amazing judges on our platform. It is not mandatory to compete, but it will be fun to make a video and share the same beat!

This event is organised by Hulala Living. 

Hulala Living is a neutral organisation with an aim to unite all dancers and dance groups around the world. We hope that we can do our part in this difficult time.

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