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Te 'Ori Ora 2021 Summer Camp Special Add-up Price

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- Te 'Ori Ora 2021 Summer Camp

- 5 workshops from 28th July - 1st August. One workshop live from Tahiti each day.

Ote'a: Poemoana Poe, Dancer and choreographer. Former O Tahiti E dancer and choreographer.

'Ori Tahito: Mahelani Amaru, Dancer and teacher. Medaille d'or at the Conservatoire 2018.

Mehura: Mira Tchen, Dancer and choreographer. Former Tahiti Ora and former Tumata Robinson's assistant.

'Aparima (focus on hands and arms): Marion Fayn, Choreographer and Anthropologist of the Tahitian Dance. Former Temaeva and former Coco Hotahota's choreographer.

Soloist Class: To be confirmed.

-Tumu Parau or theme for the all the workshops are the 4 elements of nature.

-Recorded link and materials of the workshops will be available in the case you cannot attend the workshop in real time.

-Includes a great SHOW live from Tahiti.



オテア:ポエモアナ・ポエ、ダンサー、振付師。元O Tahiti Eダンサー兼振付師。





-Tumu Parauまたはすべてのワークショップのテーマは、自然の4つの要素です。



For more information regarding the events, please go to the event page of each:


Te 'Ori Ora 2021 Summer Camp:

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