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'Aparima Edition 2021 February

We are back with another edition of 'Ori 'Ori-lympic!

We were very happy to be able to unite online with all Tahitian dancers around the world and compete globally this summer. We were very fortunate to be one of the means to bring dancers from all over the world online in the difficult situation of this long-lasting pandemic.

We received feedback from many people that they would be happy to have an online competition for 'Aparima. 'Aparima is too beautiful to be excluded and it deserves its own competition for us to showcase our love for it. We decided to come back and bring all of you to come and celebrate 'Aparima with us! This competition, which requires more understanding and expressiveness of culture and songs, will deepen your love for Tahiti for sure.

Again, our competition is open to everyone. Prizes will be given to both the winner of each of the two categories. We look forward to your participation, from beginners to advanced dancers, whether you are Vahine or Tane. Let's enjoy 'ori Tahiti with 'ori sisters and brothers from all over the world!

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